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This website seeks to comment on various religious beliefs, specifically, shining a light on the SDAs, Seventh-Day Adventist, teaching.  There are great resources on the left side panel and should be read for a good understanding of SDAs.  This website compliments these websites.

I am Catholic and when I married my wife 18 years ago she was Evangelical Free Church.  However, about 7 years ago she became Seventh-Day Adventist.  The information on this website is based on conversations we have had.

Seventh-Day Adventist preachers such as Doug Bachelor and Walter Veith should stop misinterpreting scripture and look to what scripture actually says about the Old Covenant and its Sabbath sign passing away in Christ Jesus and the New Covenant in the Blood of Christ with its sign of Baptism and First Day Sunday Resurrection splendour, that surpasses the Old Sabbath Covenant, as in  2 Cor 3: 10 - 11  and in  Heb 8, 13  ,  it says,   ‘In speaking of a new covenant he treats the first as obsolete.'   As Christ said in Matt 5, the  ‘Law and the Prophets’  would pass away when they had been fulfilled, which Christ fulfilled on the Cross, and from the Cross onwards there is a New Heaven and a New Earth, for from this moment onwards Heaven was opened to us.


Seventh-day Adventist Church - What has gone wrong since the time of Luther? - 2017 - 500 years after Luther (500YAL) – a Catholic Response

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