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Why don’t Seventh-day Adventists celebrate Hanukkah – the Feast of the Dedication of the Temple?
- SDAs and the 1844 Sanctuary doctrine


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Why don’t Seventh-day Adventists celebrate Hanukkah – the Feast of the Dedication of the Temple? - SDAs and the 1844 Sanctuary doctrine
Why Antiochus 1V Epiphanes IS the Little Horn of Daniel 8

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Why don’t Seventh-day Adventists celebrate Hanukkah – the Feast of the Dedication of the Temple?
Why Antiochus 1V Epiphanes IS the Little Horn of Daniel 8

The short answer is that the celebration of the Jewish Feast of the Dedication of the Temple (or Re-Dedication of the Temple, today known as Chanukah or Hanukkah) would undermine the whole SDA   Daniel 8:14    teaching of the 1844 Sanctuary doctrine and expose the SDAs Sanctuary doctrine as a fable.

According to SDA doctrine, Jesus Christ’s Second Coming was to happen in 1843, then when Jesus did not come, March 1844 date was given, then when Jesus’ Second Coming did not occur, 2 October 1844 date was given as Jesus’s Second Coming date.     When Jesus failed to return in October 1844, this become like a feast day or a commemorative day of Seventh-day Adventism, which they name as “The Great Disappointment”.    (1)       SDAs, and in particular their founder, Ellen White, had to come up with an alternative explanation for why Jesus did not return when they had predicted he should have.     The explanation given is that Ellen White and the SDAs got the date right but the event wrong.     According to SDA doctrine, after Jesus had ascended into heaven He only ended up in the outer sanctuary of heaven and not in the Inner Sanctuary called the Holy of Holies.     According to the SDA Sanctuary doctrine it was only on 2 October in 1844 that Jesus Christ moved from the Outer Sanctuary in the Heavenly Temple and went into the Inner Sanctuary of the Heavenly Temple, known as the Holy of Holies.     To SDAs, the year 1844 fulfils the 2,300 evenings and mornings (which they claim to be years) prophecy of   Daniel 8:14   , when the angle asked, “How long will the defilement of the sanctuary last?”, 2,300 evenings and mornings is the answer given.     SDAs begin this 2,300 years timing from BC 457; that is how they end up with the date of 1844.     They then find an event in the Old Testament corresponding to the date of BC 457 and decided that the Biblical character of Ezra’s triumphant bringing of the Jewish Holy Scriptures into Jerusalem as the beginning date for the defilement.     It is hard so see how either the earthy Temple, or Heavenly Temple for that matter, where God Himself resided, where God’s very dwelling place in Heaven is, can be defiled or triggered by the bringing of Jewish Holy Scriptures into Jerusalem and the offering of a good and Holy Sacrifice in the earthly Holy Temple as being anything else but Holy, which is what Ezra did in 457 BC.     In their own minds, SDAs are unable to give any adequate answers to the question of why sin did not defile heaven before 457 BC; but we know for a fact that sin cannot defile heaven as   Revelation 21:27    states that nothing impure can enter heaven.    (2)       As Jimmy Akin askes, “  Can unclean things enter heaven?   ”    (3)       It cannot.     That alone totally undermines SDA 1844 Sanctuary doctrine.     SDAs also misunderstand the daily, weekly and monthly Temple sacrifice and misunderstand the Day of Atonement.    (4)

So, what is the Feast of Dedication, otherwise known as Hanukkah?     Do SDAs even know what the Feast of Dedication really is?     According to the Gospel,   John 10:22 - 23    it says,
 22 Then came the Festival of Dedication at Jerusalem.     It was winter,   23   and Jesus was in the temple courts walking in Solomon’s Colonnade.
So Jesus went up to Jerusalem for the Feast of Dedication.     What has the Feast of Dedication got to do with Daniel 8: 14 anyway?     The question is:   Why did Jesus celebrate the Feast of Dedication?     Why did Jesus celebrate Hanukkah?     There must have been some profound Jewish event to create a Feast of Dedication, but which Old Testament reference is the source or starting point of the Feast?     It must have been such a profound feast that Jews even today are still celebrating it, even after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple by the Romans in 70 AD.     Some profound event must have happened to create the feast!

The answer is found in the   Book of 1 Maccabees   .     The Feast of Dedication is a Jewish feast started in about 165 BC when the Maccabees retook the Temple in Jerusalem from those who had ransacked it and offered pagan sacrifices and pigs on the altar thereby defiling the Temple in Jerusalem.     The Jewish people were called upon by Maccabees to annually celebrate the cleansing of the Temple and its re-dedication after this atrocity.     The Maccabees defeat over paganism was so spectacular that when the Temple was cleansed in 165 BC that even Jesus Christ celebrated this cleansing of the Temple.     Jews today, who have not had a Temple since the Romans sacked it in AD 70, still celebrate the cleansing of the Temple.     They still keep this profound Feast of the Dedication.

In the TV show   Friends   , Ross’s son is so excited about wanting to see Father Christmas but Ross is determined to interest his son in the Jewish Feast of Hanukkah.     Ross dresses up as an armadillo, the “  friendly holiday armadillo   ”, and Ross saysto his son, “Years and years ago there were the Maccabees”.     And it is true.     Years and years ago the cleansing of the Temple prophesied in Daniel 8: 14 was fulfilled by the Maccabees who even name the defiler of the Temple.     SDAs disagree because they think Maccabees is a Catholic invention but Maccabees is a legitimate holy book of the of Jewish Diaspora    (5)       which happened long before the Romans destroyed the Temple.     Maccabees is well documented in the   Jewish Virtual Library    and can be seen at their website, and the background information to 1 Maccabees can be seen at - 1 Maccabee - History and Overview     This shows the roots of the Feast of Dedication of the Temple, technically called Chanukah or Hanukkah.     Jews for Jesus, in their article:   Christ in the Feast of Hanukkah   , concur that the prophecy in Daniel 8 is fulfilled by the Maccabees and is confirmed in Revelation 13.    (6)

Some SDA apologetics      (7)     such as Clifford Goldstein in his book: 1844 Made Simple, and other SDA teachers, in their attempts to prove the SDA 1844 Sanctuary doctrine, try to rule out the historical fact of the desecration perpetrated by the Greek King, Antiochus 1V Epiphanes, on the Jerusalem Temple.      (8)     Also see the Book of Daniel explained      (9)     and a comprehensive Commentary on Daniel    (10)     and      (11)   .         However, Daniel 8: 14, with its 2,300 evenings and mornings prophecy, which SDAs mistakenly claim was fulfilled in the heavenly sanctuary by Jesus Christ on 2 October, 1844, is exposed by the Jewish feast of Hanukkah and demonstrates SDAs misunderstanding of scripture generally and prophecy in particular.     SDAs have Martin Luther to blame for this for he has helped to lead them astray by removing 7 books from the Bible.      (12)       In the original Bible, assembled together by the original early Christians in 395 AD      (13)     from over 3000 documents they had to choose from      (14) ,     the Bible held books which Martin Luther removed from the Bible in the 1530’s.     One of these books removed from the Bible by Luther is 1 Maccabees; another is 2 Maccabees.

Like the Jews who have missed the Messiah in Jesus Christ so too the SDAs have missed the fulfilment of Daniel 8:14 and the Cleansing of the Temple by the Maccabees.     SDAs want the Cleansing of the Temple to be the Cleansing of the Heavenly Temple,      (15)     where God the Father Is.     They do not want Daniel 8: 14 to refer to the earthly Tempe in Jerusalem because they know they cannot find a solid 2,300 years in earthly history when the Temple in Jerusalem was defiled for that length of time, so they decided that heaven itself must be defiled, and the defiling is, they claim, brought about by the Blood of Christ who has somehow socked up our sin with his Blood and our sins defile heaven, which then needs to be cleansed, by Christ Himself, but only beginning in 1844 when He enters the Holy of Holies, where He is going through the “Books” to determine who will be saved and cleansed and who will not, for, as SDA doctrine goes, God has to prove to all of us He is a Just God.      (16)

Clearly the SDAs reject that the earthly Temple was defiled for 2,300 evenings and mornings as described in 1 Maccabees, but the New Testament of   John 10: 22 - 23    confirms that the Jews kept the Feast of the Dedication of the Temple of Jerusalem as defiled by Antiochus 1V Epiphanes, and both 1 Maccabees and modern Jewish websites prove this to be the case.

References coming soon

References and Commentary.

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    SDAs think that in the Temple in Jerusalem a sin offering ceremony of the animal sacrifice, using either a lamb or a goat, that in the bringing of the blood of the animal into the Temple defiles the Temple.     It does not.     The sin is forgiven at the death of the animal which takes place at the doorway of the Temple.     The blood makes holy.     The blood does not defile, for the blood is holy.

    SDAs also fail to understand the Day of Atonement sacrifice because the High Priest brings the blood of the lamb or goat straight into the Holy of Holies first, and in the Holy of Holies he sprinkles the blood on the gold top of the Ark of the Covenant and then in front of it, and only then is the blood sprinkled outside the Holy of Holies on the altar in the outer sanctuary.     SDAs claim that what happens in the earthly Temple in Jerusalem is a type and therefore is copied in heaven by Christ at His Ascension into heaven but SDA do not let Jesus get to the Holy of Holies first at His Ascension but make Him wait (un-Biblically) until 1844 before going into the Holy of Holies.     Christ is the High Priest yet they undermine their very typology by refusing to allow Christ to get to the Holy of Holies on His arrival in heaven.     SDAs also have the wrong priesthood for their 1844 Sanctuary doctrine.     Christ is not the High Priest of the Order of Aaron.     Christ is the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, a different priesthood for a different Covenant – the New Covenant, a Covenant of Bread and Wine, the New Covenant of the Body and Blood of Christ.

    To read more see:   
    Does Blood defile the tabernacle.   by Russell Kelly     

    In Addition Christ was not taken into the Temple in Jerusalem to be sacrifice by a High Priest of the Order of Aaron and burned on an altar in the Temple and His blood was not sprinkled in the Temple as SDAs suggest by their misunderstanding of biblical typology in the 1844 Sanctuary doctrine.     Christ’s death was outside the Temple.     The altar He was sacrificed on was the wood of the cross, carried out by pagans, the Romans, a Roman criminal death of crucifixion.     Christ Himself said He had the power to lay down His own life and the power to take it up again.     For, Christ is both Priest and Victim.

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    The negative argument drawn from the non-citation of the deuterocanonicals in the N. T. is especially minimized by the indirect use made of them by the same Testament.     This takes the form of allusions and reminiscences, and shows unquestionably that the Apostles and Evangelists were acquainted with the Alexandrian increment, regarded its books as at least respectable sources, and wrote more or less under its influence.     A comparison of Hebrews, xi and II Machabees, vi and vii reveals unmistakable references in the former to the heroism of the martyrs glorified in the latter.     There are close affinities of thought, and in some cases also of language, between I Peter, i, 6, 7, and Wisdom, iii, 5, 6; Hebrews, i, 3, and Wisdom, vii, 26, 27; I Corinthians, x, 9, 10, and Judith, viii, 24-25; I Corinthians, vi, 13, and Ecclesiasticus, xxxvi, 20.

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  29.   Commentary:     Daniel 8: 14 tells us that it is the earthly Sanctuary in the Temple in Jerusalem which is defiled but SDAs insist that it is the heavenly temple which is defiled by our sins, brought there by Christ Jesus.     Since Jesus did not get there until his ascension in 33 AD, how can the heavenly defilement begin with Ezra in 457BC?     If this is the case, why do SDAs spend so much time trying to prove that the earthy activities of Antiochus 1V Epiphanes could not fit the fulfilment.     If they believe the defilement is in heaven then any earthly event has no bearing, but scripture itself proves is that it is the earthly sanctuary in Jerusalem which is defiled for both Daniel and Maccabees show it is Antiochus 1V which is the Little Horn of Daniel 8.

  31.   16. Commentary:     SDAs mistakenly believe that God’s Kingdom will only come in the future, at Christ’s Second Coming, and that His Kingdom is not here present or accessible to everyone here and now.     SDAs fail to believe the fact that God’s Kingdom is here on earth already, for they fail to believe that the Church, being the Body of Christ, is His Kingdom on earth.     SDAs believe Jesus is in heaven and not here on earth, only the Holy Spirit is here, claiming this is proven by the words of Christ, “I go so that the Spirit may come”, SDAs use this as proof text.     SDAs fail to believe the words of Jesus who said, “And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the ages”.     This ‘SDA absence of Christ’ feeds their intensity of despair at the ‘world and all its sinfulness’ and gives them a greater longing for the Second Coming, making a cyclical view, while missing the truth that Christ in His Body is here, is at hand; that we are in Christ Jesus through Baptism.     For we who have been Baptised into Christ, are the Living Stones, with the Apostles as the Foundation and Christ as the Cornerstone, for the Church is the Body of Christ on earth, and we are members of the Body of Christ.     We are part of the Living Body of Christ, the Kingdom of God on earth.     The Temple in Jerusalem was the meeting place for the People of God, but now the True Meeting Place for the People of God is Christ Jesus Himself.     We have access to the True Temple - Jesus Christ, through Baptism, as Baptism is the Door into Christ, and Christ is the Door through which we enter God’s Kingdom, not for the future, but in reality here and now on earth, for God’s Kingdom is here on earth and the Church is the Living Presence of Christ on earth.     This is why there is no longer a Temple in Jerusalem, for the True Temple is Jesus Christ, so the People of God gather together in Christ Jesus through Baptism.     We are called to live heaven, here on earth.     This is what union with Christ means.     This is not our doing, but Christ living in us.     We have put on Christ, not just the Holy Spirit, because through Baptism we have put on the Body of Christ.     This is why, when Christians gather together, especially at Mass, they are the Body of Christ, gathered together as the Body of Christ, to receive the Body of Christ, in the Eucharist.     One cannot get a closer union with heaven, a closer union with God on earth, than that; than this Communion with God Himself, Who gives Himself to us at Communion, and Who Gave Himself for us at the Cross.     This is why, when you say you don’t need the Church, you are saying you don’t need the Body of Christ.


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