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Applying human rights equally
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Why   Killing Children   by
abortion, contraception,
IVF, human cloning,
human embryo experimentation,
and related activities,
are modern forms of slavery,
destroy the environment,
and how Human Rights apply.

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UN – no right to abortion

Legal Comment
William L. Saunders, Jr

Judgement at Nuremberg -
How Legal Abortion is a Crime Against Humanity .

The movie  Judgement at Nuremberg ,  staring Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland and others, demonstrates that the German population allowed the holocaust to take place in the midst of their own society and how the eugenic and Nazi ideas dulled the minds of the population despite some residence to these ideas.  The parallels between the holocaust and the killing of children by abortion are striking.  We urge you to take the opportunity to watch the movie  Judgement at Nuremberg ,  which helps to demonstrate how societies can practice cruelty to others such as slavery, the killing of children by abortion and research on human embryos, despite the fact that such activities clearly violate basic human rights.

In the process of researching and developing this page of the website I have discover that an important paper on this issue has already been written by Augusto Zimmermann entitled :  Abortion - Crime Against Humanity .  Dr Augusto Zimmermann is an internationally known legal scholar who holds a Ph.D. from Monash University, Australia.

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The Case Against Abortion - Crime Against Humanity .

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Applying human rights equally
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