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UK General Election -
8 June, 2017
List A - Z

Why   Killing Children   by
abortion, contraception,
IVF, human cloning,
human embryo experimentation,
and related activities,
are modern forms of slavery,
destroy the environment,
and how Human Rights apply.

San Jose Articles
UN – no right to abortion

Legal Comment
William L. Saunders, Jr


Free online videos and reading
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A Testimony from a Young Woman - Who Chose Life For Her Baby
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When does human life begin?
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Life in the womb
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Life: "Imagine the Potential"
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Famed NASA Astronauts Launch New Pro-Life AD
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Are the Unborn Human?
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Are the Unborn Persons?
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Debate: ‘What Is The Moral Status Of The Unborn Child?’
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Right to Life

A Single Abortion Raises the Risk of Premature Birth in Future Pregnancies
Medical Daily
Sep 5, 2012

Ben Shapiro Destroys The Abortion Argument
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"180" Movie - A study on abortion and the Nazi Holocaust – changing people’s hearts - by Ray Comfort
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What have all these famous people got in common? - they were all adopted!
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Fox News interviews girl who had an abortion at 14 years old – she says, ‘I left my dead baby in a toilet at Dr George Tiller's
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Francis Galton – Father of Eugenics and the Nazis Killings A Video
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Children who survive abortion are left to die - 66 British babies in the last year alone -
Report 8 February 2008

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Abortion Survivor - Gianna Jessen, born 31 years ago after a botched abortion - Senator Obama four times voted to oppose a law to protect babies left to die after failed abortion.  By - Born Alive Truth
- from YouTube

How the Pill Kills

Find out how the pill is abortifacient

HPV Vaccine - Gardasil - 18 Dead, Thousands Suffer Complications     July 8, 2008 -

Controversial HPV Vaccine Causing One Death Per Month: FDA Report and "Many experienced outbreaks of genital warts from the HPV vaccine."   July 3, 2008 -

A YouTube video entitled :  Gardasil Eugenics Experiments on Girls (Part 1/3) ,  Part 2/3  and  Part 3/3 ,
reports on international problems with polio and other vaccines, including Gardasil, and exposes what government research facilities are up to.  The video shows evidence from the FDA and explains that the HPV vaccine " not a cancer vaccine" as advertised but a vaccine against the human papilloma virus, and that, "...HPV alone can not cause cancer." - YouTube  
See Full Video - on YouTube

UK General Election - 8 June, 2017

How You Can Make A Difference :

Challenge Your Parliamentary Candidate

By Asking Him Or Her To Promise To Vote to Protect The Right To Life

Of The Most Vulnerable Human Beings In Society

- The Unborn Including Human Embryos

Below is an A - Z list of  UK Parliamentary Constituencies  - you can click on your constituency and find out why the candidates for your constituency must oppose the killing of children by abortion and other modern forms of slavery.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  

Below is an A - Z list of  UK Westminster MPs  - you can click on the name of your MP and find out why the sitting MP must oppose the killing of children by abortion and other modern forms of slavery.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  

You can write to your Parliamentary Candidates or MP and ask them that, if they were elected to Parliament, would they promise to vote in support of legislation which would protect the right to life of the unborn, including human embryos, in the following way:

  • that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UN Conventions such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Slavery Convention apply to ‘every organ of society’ regardless of ‘remit’ or ‘mandate’

  • that the definition of slavery applies to the unborn including embryonic children threatened with being killed by abortion, human embryo experimentation, human cloning, IVF and related activities

  • that the ‘right of property over another’ and ‘non-person’ arguments used to justified slavery and the slave-trade ‘ all their forms...’ are also used to justify the slavery of killing children by abortion, the slavery of human embryo experimentation, the slavery of human cloning and IVF, and the ‘trafficking’ of these human lives

  • that the banning of child-sacrifice whether practiced for religious, cultural, secular or any other reason applies to the unborn including embryonic children

  • that the killing of children by abortion is genocide

  • that rooting out the cultural slavery of killing children by abortion is to root out the ‘culture of death’ within society and that slavery takes many forms in modern society

  • that both environmental and population groups use population and environmental degradation arguments to impose the killing of children by abortion, contraception and sterilisation agendas on governments and their peoples

  • that the womb (and the fallopian tubes) are the natural environment and the natural habitat of the unborn, including embryonic children, and therefore require protection

  • that human embryos have human rights

  • that women are safer in countries where abortion is not legal

  • that the leaching of estrogens and other chemicals from contraceptives into the environment, especially into the water supply and the soil, is an environmental issue

  • that the killing of children by abortion, contraception and related activities are environmentally destructive and that Natural Family Planning is eco-friendly, woman friendly and does not destroy a human life

  • that Human Rights are based on the principle of protecting the weak from the strong and that Human Rights must be applied correctly and equally by all

Applying human rights equally
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